Established is 2009 with a mission to bring unique experiences to our clientele, Brandy Butter is an events and communication strategy company specialized in designing “special” events and bespoke printed media services. Always delivering with a flair of creativity and focusing on a personal approach so that our clients are dazzled not only by our services themselves , but also by our dedicated team - both in London and Athens - and individual services. Passionate about design and events, and having organized glamorous occasions from high-end weddings, intimate small parties, corporate events and award ceremonies we also have an in-depth knowledge of cultural events and can bring an elegant and festive touch to celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Brandy Butter’s basic principal is the "Bespoke” design of our services, according to the needs of each client separately, whereas its goal is the infusion of the cosmopolitan spirit embracing our most special moments. Brandy Butter’s motto is “Things made to Happen”.

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