Founder, Managing Director

The consummate traveler, Konstantinos N.Sarvanakis embraces the global spirit to bring innovative and original ideas to Brandy Butter. Having lived in Tripoli, Cairo, Athens, London and Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Konstantinos has been happy to return to London and call it home. He has worked in media and events for over 10 years including as Director of Events for Hyatt in South East Asia Pacific and was previously an editor for Conde Nast in Greece. Passionate about Brandy Butter and known to his friends as being “incredibly fussy”, Konstantinos is a details person which means that the “special touches” he gives to all his projects make a key difference. Konstantinos studied communications in London and obtained a M.Sc. in Media Research from London City University.

Art Direction/ Kaleiworks

Drawn into anything that is art related, Lara started drawing at a very early age. At first it was comics, then drawing on school notebooks, shoes, backpacks, arms, friends, bedroom walls and in general anything that had a surface clean enough to draw onto. Having a deep interest in arts as well as the humanistic disciplines, she studied graphic design & animation, art history, illustration, psychology and art psychotherapy. With a background of studies in design and a BA in psychology, she founded Kaleiworks, her own creative agency, which specializes in design and media psychology. In 2009 she became a partner in Brandy Butter, and she leads the company's creative department. Her principle is to always infuse a drop of psychology into her design work, as well as a colorful and flexible approach into her professional relationships. Personal motto? "Don't dream it, Be it!"

Director of Technology/ Nimaworks

It all started with an AMSTRAD 6128 computer, where he and his cousin spent hours playing and developing their own games using GWBasic back in 1989. From then on, it was computers all the way! With a BSc in Informatics from the Technological Educational Institution of Athens Greece, an MSc in e-commerce from Kingston University of London, & with a strong knowledge on computer networks & system security, Marios has worked since 2000 for several big companies and public organisations, including Bull, Visionware, Ministry of Education, & National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos". In 2009, along with his PhD studies in Distance Learning & New Technologies, he founded Nimaworks, his own company specializing in web development & network solutions. In 2012 he teamed up with Brandy Butter, adding his own "Space Invaders" expertise into the company's digital needs.


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